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How does living in a student apartment complement the student experience?
Living in a student apartment prepares your student for the real world in so many ways! Part of the college experience is developing critical life skills. Apartment living promotes responsibility by presenting students with real world situations in the context of an extremely pleasant and encouraging environment. Apartment residents are in complete charge of the details of their lives, from studying to cooking, cleaning, studying and paying bills. It is the right dose of reality for this particular stage in your student’s progression toward total independence.
What is the advantage of an individual lease?

So many of us can recall a situation where our personal credit was spoiled because a roommate was not motivated to pay his/her portion of the rent on time. With individual leasing, we removed that threat and other unnecessary stress from the rental equation. Your student is the only name on the lease and he/she is responsible for payment of his or her bedroom only. “Paying rent” is no longer a collective effort among all occupants of the apartment. 

How does my student connect with roommates?
Everyone is looking for something different in a roommate situation. On one hand, a group has decided to find an apartment where they can live together. On the other, individuals are eager to make new friends from their new apartment roommates. We can happily accommodate both scenarios. If your student is looking for roommates, we offer a unique roommate matching service. We aim to pair students with similar interests using our insightful roommate-matching questionnaire. The goal is always to blend similar lifestyles and create fulfilling friendships among residents.
Is there a professional support staff on site?

Cardinal Group Management operates more than 150 student housing communities around the country.  Our size and experience aptly equip us with the people, resources, and power to run our communities at the highest quality standard.  Within our on-site leasing office is a full-time team whose job is to facilitate the leasing process and manage the resident experience.  Our service personnel are a dependable and hands-on team dedicated to routine property maintenance and after-hours emergency calls. Residents are encouraged to make requests for maintenance assistance through the convenient online resident portal, by phone, or in person at the leasing office.  Many students also vie for positions as Community Interns at our communities.  Nicknamed “CIs”, students in this coveted role help with leasing, resident events, and administrative tasks.  They also serve as liaisons, providing genuine, consistent, and valuable feedback from the residents’ perspective.

Are there any additional features included in the rate?
Each of our unique student properties features its own set of amenities. Most often, our apartments are available fully furnished for your convenience. Many communities are equipped with a swimming pool, fitness center, computer lab and clubhouse. Most of our students enjoy free parking and campus transit while every resident of a Cardinal Group managed student community can expect a full calendar of resident events including snack giveaways, social opportunities and academic support initiatives. Each community has a website where students can monitor events, pay rent or submit maintenance requests.
What should we expect for move-in day?
Move-in Day is always an exciting experience! Much of the hassle of college moving has been eliminated over the years, especially for students who will be arriving to fully furnished apartments. Simply report to the leasing office during your student’s allotted time period and receive a front door key and a bedroom key. Unpacking is a cinch and there are minimal utilities to set in motion. Your family will enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages in the leasing office. Take a tour of the amenities and absolutely make yourself at home. We are so glad to have you.
Do I need renter’s insurance?

Move-in day is always an exciting experience and with fully-furnished apartments and no utilities to set up it’s easier than ever!  Cardinal Group Management has worked tirelessly to streamline the move-in day process and make it as easy for you as possible.  Simply come to the leasing office at your appointed time on move-in day with your ID to pick up your keys and get settled in.  Be sure to bring proof of insurance and a check or money order for your first installment of rent and any applicable security deposits.  Pro tip: turn in those items ahead of move-in day to speed through the check-in process.  If you have questions on the insurance requirements or your rent or security deposit amount simply call the leasing office and one of our friendly associates will help.

What types of housing are available for students?


There are many options for students looking for housing and the first choice to make is on-campus or off-campus.  When you think of on-campus living the positives of being close to class, friends, and the dining hall can be outweighed by the prospect of living in a residence hall old enough to have housed your parents and sharing a closet-sized bedroom with a roommate who may have a totally different schedule and idea of cleanliness.


When choosing among off campus housing options students can select from traditional multifamily apartments, houses near campus, and student apartment communities.



Multifamily apartment communities have many advantages over on-campus housing, among them are greater space, amenities, and privacy.  Drawbacks include splitting utility bills with roommates and being on the hook for 100% of the rent, even your roommates portion.



Renting a house near campus comes with great freedom to host guests and entertain in your space plus the benefit of not sharing walls with neighbors however many of these houses near campus are not managed by expert property management firms meaning maintenance requests may not be handled quickly or professionally.



If you’re looking for a luxury apartment close to Baylor, look no further than Ursa. This innovative apartment community features amenities such as a large clubhouse, a luxury pool area and so many more great features to make your time at Baylor a delight.  Along with these great amenities, Ursa also has large, open floorplans and the opportunity to live with others without sharing responsibility for one another’s rent. Schedule your tour today to see everything Ursa has to offer.

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